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Paper Submission

Abstracts for possible paper presentation at IHTC-15 should be submitted on-line at the IHTC-15 web page. They will be reviewed at two steps guided by regional International Scientific Committee (ISC) members. Once an abstract has been accepted, the full-length manuscript will be requested by the due date. It is then reviewed by reviewers assigned by the regional ISC member. The copyright transfer form is requested on acceptance of the full-length manuscript and prior to submittal of the final manuscript. For each accepted manuscript, at least one Regular registration is required to ensure that the manuscript appears in the conference proceedings. (See "Registration")
The accepted and presented manuscript will be archived in the newly established IHTC Digital Library after the conference (See "Digital Library").

List of region and regional ISC Click here
Begell House is the official publisher of IHTC-15

Speaker Information

Thank you for your contribution to IHTC15.

We would like to ask you to update the speaker information of your paper. The speaker information will be uploaded also to the EventMobile (see Paper Submission -> Presentation). To apply the speaker information please follow the procedure bellow:

    ii) Move to the Author's page and select your papers.
    iii) Select the "Authors" tag.
    iv) You will find the "Article Authors" column bellow. Please select the speaker who will present at the conference site among the authors, and be sure to press the "Save" button. Please finish this process by June 30. We appreciate for your kind corporation.

Full Manuscript Submission

1. Deadline for Final Manuscript & Registration.

The deadline for the final manuscript is May 31. Even if your manuscript is "ACCEPTED (WITHOUT_CORRECTIONS)", please carefully check whether the manuscript is consistent with the prescribed template by the conference committee (For example, a title should be written in all capital letters). Also please double check your paper no. in the header. If such corrections exist, please correct the manuscript accordingly and submit the final version.

One regular registration for each accepted paper needs to be completed by May 31 in order to have your paper published in the conference proceedings.
** Please note that your registration will be completed upon your competition of the PAYMENT. ** Visit the following link to access the Registration site.

2. Copyright Form.

Submission of electronic copyright form deadline is May 10. Submission of electronic copyright form deadline is May 10. If you have not submitted the Copyright form yet please submit it immediately.

3. IHTC online submission system.

Please submit your revised and final manuscripts via the IHTC online submission system. You can reach the site by clicking the following button.

Important Deadlines and Dates

May 31, 2014 - Submission of final paper due
May 31, 2014 - One regular registration for each accepted paper due

Also visit the Important Dates site for other information.

If you have any question related to your manuscript and online submission system,
please visit the FAQ page or contact the following address.

IHTC-15 paper submission desk

Visas and Invitation Letters.

Please start your visa application process IMMEDEATELY if you require a visa to enter into Japan. If you require a letter of invitation, please fill the request form and submit it to the IHTC-15 Registration Desk. Visit the following link for further information - Visas & invitation letters

Online Submission System for full manuscript

You can login to the online system by using the same login name and password registered when you have submitted your abstract.

Please read the "Instruction for Authors" carefully before uploading your full manuscript.

Papers should be no more than 15 pages (including tables, figures and references) for contributed papers and no more than 20 pages for keynote papers.
Very short papers and very long papers are discouraged. Papers may include colour figures. Each file size should not exceed 4M byte (keynote 8M byte) after transforming to a PDF file.

Click here to get the PDF file of "Instruction for Authors"

For LaTeX users: Please ignore the 'review' option described in the "Readme.pdf" included in the LaTeX template kit. You do not need to select the 'review version'. Please submit your full manuscript in normal style; the same style shown in the "Paper_Example.pdf" included in the Author's Kit.

Please also look through the following "Announcement", "Policy Statement", and "Author's Kit".

Announcement for full manuscript submission

For submission of your full manuscript, please note the following points.
  • Deadline of full manuscript is December 15, 2013.
  • At least one "Regular" registration is required for each paper to be included in the proceedings.
       One "Regular" registration covers only one paper.
       Please also check the "Registration" site for further information.
  • The full manucsript submitted via "Online Submission System" only is acceptable.
  • Rigorous peer review will be carried out for final manuscript.
  • The following documents can be found in your Author's Kit.
  •     Acceptance letter
        IHTC-15 policy statement for publishing the proceedings
        Template of the full length manuscript (Microsoft word format)
        Template of the full length manuscript (LaTeX format)
        Sample of manuscript
        Keyword list
        Symbol list
        * Check further below this page to find the way to reach your Author's Kit

    Policy Statement for Publishing the Proceedings of
    the 15th International Heat Transfer Conference

    We are confident that the papers accepted for presentation at the 15th International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-15) shall make a solid contribution to the advancement of thermal science and engineering. The manuscript review will be carried out rigorously so that final accepted papers will have the quality that is equivalent to well-established international journals. In order to achieve this goal, all submissions must be based on original and unpublished research work. It is also assumed that manuscripts have not been published elsewhere nor have they been submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere. Duplicate publication of original research or any other inconsistencies with this policy is considered a breach of the ethical code of conduct for scientists.

    All official papers of the IHTC-15 will be archived in the IHTC Digital Library (IDL) of Begell House, Inc. (BH), which is an online digital library featured with interactive web interface and an advanced search engine for the wide variety of use for active researchers and engineers. All rights (copyright) of papers are to be included in the Proceedings of the IHTC-15 as well as in the IDL and will be transferred to BH under existing copyright laws except in the case which the author(s) retain(s) the right to re-use all or part of this material (see the BH copyright release form).

    To find your Author's Kit

    1. Please login to the online system by using the same login name and password registered when you have submitted your abstract.
       >"IHTC online system".

    2. Please click the "Author's Kit" which you can find at the menu bar shown on the top-right corner of the page.

    3. You will find the following documents in the Author's Kit including the template of the full length manuscript.
  • Acceptance letter
  • IHTC-15 policy statement for publishing the proceedings
  • Template of the full length manuscript (Microsoft word format)
  • Template of the full length manuscript (LaTeX format)
  • Sample of manuscript
  • Keyword list
  • Symbol list

  • If you have any problems or questions related to the online system or submission process, please contact "".

    Abstract Submission

    We thank you for your attention and submission of abstracts.
    The abstract submission site has been close on September 15th, 2013. The Notification letter for acceptance of the abstract has been sent to the corresponding authors by e-mail on October 21st, 2013.

    If you have not received the notification e-mail, please contact "".

    September 15, 2013 Abstract submission site closed.
    October 21, 2013 Notification letter sent to the corresponding author by e-mail.

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