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Following memorial awards/medals are bestowed and memorial lectures are presented.

-The Luikov Medal
The Luikov Medal is awarded for outstanding contributions to the science and art of Heat and Mass Transfer and for activitis in international scientific cooperation in conjunction with ICHMT programs. The Medal is presented at an appropriate event of the ICHMT together with a certificate signed by the President of the SC and the EC Chair. No more than one Medal will be awarded every two years.

The Nukiyama Memorial Award has been established by the Heat Transfer Society of Japan on its 50th anniversary to commemorate the land-mark contributions by Shiro Nukiyama as an outstanding heat transfer scientist. Nukiyama addressed the challenges of the boiling phenomena and published an epoch-making paper, which provided an overview of the phenomena in the form of the Nukiyama curve (boiling curve). This pioneering work was made in the 1930s, when heat transfer research was in its infancy and Nukiyama himself was young: still under forty years old. The Nukiyama Memorial Award shall be bestowed to a scientist, preferably under 50 years of age, every two years in the field of Thermal Science and Engineering.

-The William Begell Medal    
-Begell House website - William Begell Medal, For Excellence in Thermal Science and Engineering -
The William Begell Medal, For Excellence in Thermal Science and Engineering is being established in 2010. The medal will be awarded to an indivisual, from among those selected to deliver Keynote lectures at the current IHTC Conference, who is held in high regard by the heat transfer community for his/her contributions an exellence in thermal science and technology and whose IHTC Keynote paperis judged to make a profound contribution to the thermal science and engineering literature.

The Donald Q. Kern Award is bestowed in recognition of the expertise in a given field of heat transfer, transport phenomena, and energy processes. Special emphasis is given to contributions that have significant practical applications. Established in 1973 by the Executive Committee of the Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion Division, now known as the Transport and Energy Processes Division of AIChE, the award honors Donald Q. Kern, a pioneer in the field of process heat transfer, and commemorates his outstanding contributions as a researcher, educator, author, and practicing engineer. An entire generation of engineers worldwide has come to know his book, Process Heat Transfer, as the first definitive applied heat transfer reference.

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