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Kyoto Travel Tips

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You can find these tips in the EventMobile "FAQs", too!

Kyoto City Subway Day Pass

With this pass you can ride all Kyoto City Subway lines without limit for one day.
Adult 600yen
Child 300yen

Kyoto City Bus Day Pass

This pass lets you ride Kyoto City Buses an unlimited number of times in one day (except some routes). It is cost-effective for anyone that would ride the bus three or more times.
Adult 500yen
Child 250yen

Kyoto One Day (Two Day) Pass

With this pass you can ride all Kyoto City Buses, all Kyoto City Subway lines, and Kyoto Bus buses (except some routes) an unlimited number of times for either one day or two successive days.
One Day Pass Adult 1,200yen Child 1,000yen
Two Day Pass Adult 2,000yen Child 1,000yen

How to get these Day Passes?

You can get the day passes at the special ticket dispensers which you can find in every subway station. But the best way is to ask the station staff or the bus driver. (From the bus driver you can buy only the day ticket for busses.)

You can use the following phrases to buy the ticket.
We have these phrases listed up in the EventMobile "FAQs"
Just login and select the question, and show it to the staff or driver!

I want to buy one "subway day pass" (600yen).

I want to buy one "bus day pass" (500yen).

I want to buy one "Kyoto one day pass" (1,200yen).

I want to buy one "Kyoto two day pass" (1,200yen).

Free WiFi available in Kyoto city – Kyoto WiFi -

KYOTO_WiFi is the new Wi-Fi service offered by Kyoto City and business partners. In bus stops, subway stations, 'Seven Eleven' convenience stores and public facilities, there are 630 wireless LAN spots in which everyone can use the Internet Free of Charge.
Kyoto WiFi webpage:

Kyoto Tourist Information Center

Here you can find useful information of Kyoto including accommodation, event tickets, and more which are provided in English, Chinese and Korean. The center is located at the 2nd floor of JR Kyoto Station Building, and is facing the station main corridore.

Foreign Exchange

Cash is the most widely accepted method of payment. Foreign exchange can be performed in banks (look for signs in English), larger post office
s and a limited number of hotels: there are no street-side bureaux de change in Kyoto.

Convenience Stores –"Konbini"-

You can find many convenience stores (Seven-eleven, Family mart, Lawson, Circle K/Sankus, etc) in Kyoto, nearly one store in every few blocks. They are usually open for 24 hours and safe even after mid-night. You can buy foods and bare necessities.

I'm lost, and I want to ask for the way to the conference venue ...

Please tell someone as:

(Kyoto kokusai-kaikan e iku houhou wo osiete kudasai)
Please tell me the way to the Kyoto International Conference Center (at Takaragaike).

Say "Ookini"

The regional word for ‘thank you’ in Kyoto is Ookini. If you switch to using Ookini instead of Arigato the locals will love you for it!

JR Rail Pass

JR railways provides the Japan Rail Pass which offers an incredibly economical way to travel throughout Japan by rail.
JR rail pass website:

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