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August 10 2012
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May 8 2016

Conference Reception and Banquet


Date: Sunday, 10 August, 18:30–20:00
Location: Swan Hall and Garden of the Kyoto International Conference Center

Everybody with a name badge is welcome.
The registration desk is open during 15:00–19:00.

A wonderful meal and free drinks are served at the reception! Please enjoy the beautiful garden and delicious foods, and relieve the weariness of your journey to Kyoto. The conference venue is only 15min ride from Kyoto station by subway, and 5min walk from the station.


Lunch is served on 11th, 12th, 14th 15th at the Lunch Hall to the participants who made the regular and student registrations. Everyone will have a beautiful Japanese lunch box. You can also chose a lunch box of sandwiches with side dishes if you prefer it than the Japanese one. The menu of the lunch will change every day.


Date: Thursday, 14 August, 19:00–21:00
Location: Event Hall of the Kyoto International Conference Center

Individual banquet tickets are required to enter the Event Hall.
The Hall opens at 18:15.

The conference banquet will be held at the Event Hall of the conference venue. Dinner will be served in buffet style. The menu covers many Japanese traditional foods, western foods,and others with the drinks. Sake - Japanese rice wine - produced from Different sake brewings are served in special tasting area. In advance of the dinner, experience the Koto performance at the banquet hall. We are sure you will enjoy the fabulous meal and music performance


Koto - Japanese Traditional Music —

Music, as a universal language of the human spirit, has nourished the inner life of people around the world since prehistoric times. Tonight, we are proud to present traditional Japanese koto music. The koto, said to have been invented in China and introduced to Japan about 1200 years ago, has 13 strings, each supported by a moveable bridge. The strings are plucked with the right hand, using three finger-mounted picks, while the left hand subtly adjusts the position of the bridges for tuning, and alters pitch by applying pressure to certain strings. Tonight’s Ikuta School performers are Master KAWAMOTO Yoshiko, and Associate Masters HAYASHI Rikako and KAWAMOTO Noriko. We hope you will enjoy the soothing yet dramatic sounds of classical koto music played by these outstanding performers.

Japanese Sake

We will have 17 different Sake - Japanese Rice wine - each offered from different sake brewing in Fushimi, Kyoto at the banquet. Further, we will have 4 Sake from other prefectures. Please enjoy the tasking of these Sake, and we hope you will find your favorite before leaving Japan!

Toast with Japanese Sake in Kyoto
- Bylaw on Enhancement of Spread of Japanese Sake produced in Kyoto -

Kyoto city has very local but important bylaw!
The aims of this bylaw is that by starting our parties and/or banquets by toasts with Japanese Sake produced in Kyoto, we will contribute to enhance the understanding of Japanese culture based on Japanese Sake. To this end, the following three items are specified:

- The rolls of Kyoto City,
- The rolls of Japanese Sake Industry, and
- The cooperation of Kyoto Citizens.

We will make a toast with beer at the banquet, but we hope you will be able to touch this Japanese culture enjoying the Japanese Sake at the Sake tasting corner. If you have any chance to visit a Japanese drinking bar, why not try to make a toast by Sake?

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