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August 10 2012
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Plenary Lectures

♦ Invited Plenary Lecture

Science of Scientific Advice

Hiroyuki Yoshikawa

Director, Center for Research and Development Strategy,
Japan Science and Technology Agency
Past President of the University of Tokyo
and the International Council of Science

Handout: PDF file

As the most part of society is affected by scientific knowledge, the wisdom of its use is indispensable. The use contains various issues. As an example, heat is definitely a discipline in science, so scientists with special knowledge research the heat. Looking at the heat in society, however, we find it everywhere as complicated systems. In all artefacts such as machinery of various kinds it often plays the major role. Heat is essential for household, too. Heat system of living beings is another which is to be admired. Thus, society is full of heat systems and the governance of all is now a high priority for security and sustainability; this requests the disciplinary mix even of fields other than heat. Then, who will care and govern it? Definitely government is obliged to do it. As politicians or civil servants are not specialists in heat, they can act correctly only when they receive right advices from scientists. In this lecture, this role of scientists will be discussed more generally to depict new scientists as a good advisor to government.

♦ Fourier Lecture

Thermal Science and Engineering
- From Macro to Nano in 200 Years

Avram Bar-Cohen

Distinguished University Professor, PhD
President, Assembly of International Heat Transfer Conferences
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maryland

Handout: PDF file

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